Rev. Joe and Sister Dalene Barnhill

Rev. Joe Barnhill was born and raised in Currie-Montague, North Carolina. He received the Holy Ghost on March 25, 1970 and was baptized in Jesus Name on November 1st of that same year. He moved to Butte, Montana on May 31, 1975 and while in Montana he met Sis. Dalene Fennell where they were married, on April 3, 1976.

While living in Montana, he was very dedicated to the work of God, willing to serve by cleaning,
making & selling peanut brittle, serving as a youth and song leader, or whatever the need, he was
there. Bro. Barnhill is very passionate about spreading the message of salvation to others and began
his rst ministry called "Spread the Bread." rough this ministry thousands of cassette tapes of
preaching were mailed all over the world including many going to those serving in the military. He
was involved in many outreach events through door knocking, marathan walks through Great Falls,
hosting events at the Great Falls Convention Center, and many others.

After relocating to North Carolina, God began to open doors and move Bro. Barnhill's life to a
new level. On August 1992, Bro. Barnhill founded the Apostolic Way Church in Lagoon, North
Carolina where he rst became a pastor. In August 1998, he also founded the Apostolic Lighthouse
Tabernacle Church in Laurinburg, North Carolina. He continues to pastor both churches, Sunday
afternoon and ursday evenings in Lagoon, and Sunday morning and evening, Tuesday and Friday
evenings in Laurinburg. In 2002, the "Spread the Bread" ministry was expanded when the Apostolic
Circle of Friends Live Recording Project began.

In 2007, he initiated the Apostolic Circle of Fellowship that began with four churches and has
branched out to include four additional churches. e year is divided so that each church sponsors a
fellowship meeting to include a meal afterwards. e goal of the fellowship is to bring unity that will
allow others to gain strength and encouragement from each other.

Troughout his life he has shown a strong level of faith, knowing that God will provide and
perform a miracle in whatever the situation needs. He enjoys giving Bible studies to those seeking to
obtain a better understanding of the Bible, and sharing the word of God with others to let them
know there is a better way. Not only does he feed people spiritual food, but can be found in the
kitchen cooking up something good to eat. He is full of compassion always willing to help others.

Sis. Dalene Barnhill was born in Vernon, Texas and lived in several states through the years growing
up. As a child she spent many years under the ministry of Rev. Samuel White in Bellower,
California and later under the ministry of her father, Rev. Wayne Fennell, when he rst became a
pastor in Indio, California. In September of 1962, while living in Oregon, she received the Holy
Ghost and was baptized in Jesus Name in June of 1963. In 1967, her family moved to Marysville,
Washington where they lived for several years until 1972, when her father accepted a position as
pastor of the United Pentecostal Church in Great Falls, Montana.

She began teaching Sunday School at the age of twelve. She took up making peanut brittle for the
church, a talent she learned from her father. In 1992, she became a pastor's wife when her husband
became pastor of Apostolic Way then later also Apostolic Lighthouse Tabernacle. Along with being a
great pastor's wife, she has also taught Sunday School throughout the years, and continues with the
tradition of making peanut brittle. In 2011, she graduated from Sandhills Community College with
a degree in Early Childhood Education.